Badar Expo Solutions

Badar Expo Solutions (BXSS) is a leading event management company of Pakistan, with more than 12-years experience. They offer expertise in exhibitions, seminars, festivals, design, PR, and Marketing Solutions.

Badar Expo Solutions (BXSS) is one of Pakistan's most respected and innovative event management companies and have been managing various corporate event needs of many market-leading brands as well as major government sector events. BXSS aims to provide tailor-made events, identifying the needs of its clients and fulfilling their business objectives through effective management at each and every stage of the event.

BXSS comprises a professional and diverse staff with skill sets and expertise in operations, sales, marketing, IT, business development and all aspects of event management.

BXSS have long-standing relationships within the government and business sectors and is credited with managing a number of Pakistan's high profile events such as IDEAS and Expo Pakistan.